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Unique Christmas at FoodLovers

Christmas at FoodLovers is all about food...very special food that is indulgent, rich and adds that something unique to the Christmas table.

Gingerbread and Chocolate Houses are starting to fill the shelves - the kids get so excited when they see them!  The gingerbread used in our houses is the same as we use in our gingerbread men all year round - no rude surprises!!!  It is deliciously soft, slightly spicy and lovely til the very last crumb!

Nancy's special, spicy Panforte (like a Sienna Cake) is deliciously sticky.  She describes it as a soft chocolate/honey toffee with figs, apricots, almonds and macadamias.  It's just delicious!

Our Christmas Cakes and Puddings are full of plump dried fruits and lots of brandy...just right to eat with a coffee or for that late night snack for Santa!  The puddings are good sliced up and eaten like cake - it's Nancy's favourite way to eat it!

Of course, we have many specialty products that come out at Christmas - the Bon Bon Cakes, Iced Christmas Cakes, Stained Glass Christmas Cakes...they are all delicious and made by the FoodLovers Team.