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Gluten Free

The FoodLovers kitchen has been completely gluten free since May 2015. We take great pride in providing foods that anyone can enjoy.  It's always amazing when those who don't need GF, will choose to eat what we make because it tastes so good!  We experiment with a variety of non-gluten flours (besan, coconut, buckwheat, rice, corn etc flours) so that we can provide great tasting products.  Many of our FoodLovers products are naturally gluten-free. Ask us if you are unsure of anything.  We do when we eat out anywhere!

We understand how frustrating it is not being able to eat certain foods and manufacturers not always labelling the product properly.  We understand the difficulties caused when certain products are ingested and we take special care with all our products. 

If you are in doubt as to the ingredients in any product, please contact us so that we can ensure that your purchases are what you are expecting them to be.